We wanted our first project to be a reflection of our spirit. So we began this adventure with eyes fixed on the World Social Forum celebrated in Nairobi January 20 through January 25, 2007, and we created a documentary focused on this process, which is one of the most important to world-wide activism. In the video, we strive to share and pass on to you this encounter, this week of debates, cultural resistance, and celebration; but most of all, we show it in order to analyze its achievements as the machinery of the anti-globalization movement, and give voice the thoughts, stories, and experiences of people from all over the planet that work every day to build a better world.

If you need to know where to obtain a copy of the DVD, where and how to show it, or if you would like to work with us and the World Social Forum to organize a showing of the documentary, please click on “How to see it” and “How to support us”.

In you would like to read the impressions of the team that went to Kenya, you may visit our blog to view the opinions, photos and videos of the event and the film shoot.